Tsology Solution - Why Choose Us

We appreciate our high caliber cunsultants and we nurture a company culture of Loyalty, Commitment and Integrity.

We cultivate strong Customer relationships and manage capacity to ensure that each Customer receives maximum focus.

Dedicated, One-On-One Attention

The major benefit of choosing Tsology Solution is that you get the ‘one-on-one’ attention you require for us to tailor the best customized solution for your needs.

We value our client relationships and this is evident in the quality of service we provide. Tsology Solution is dedicated to delivering all of our clients the same high standard of project execution and excellence.

Every business is unique and it is critical that your online presence, mobile app or software tool distinguishes you from your competition. We work closely with you to develop an intimate understanding of your vision, target market, marketing objectives, competitive environment and distinctive competencies.

We are confident that our business-oriented approach produces the most compelling and unique software, web applications, Website design and online marketing solutions.

Our Team

The Tsology Solution team is what sets us apart from the competition. Our core group of specialists have been with Tsology Solution for nearly more than a decade! We are equipped with experts in every facet of web design, software development, social media management and marketing. Our team members are passionate about their areas of expertise, and bring enthusiasm to each and every project. At Tsology Solution, we foster dynamic and collaborative creative and technical discussions, and as a result, our team members are skilled communicators – both internally within Tsology Solution, and client-facing.

Our team is comprised of professionally-trained and highly-talented graphic designers, multimedia producers, programmers/coders, mobile app innovators, web copy writers, and e-marketing experts who all share the goal of creating innovative, customized, digital solutions that get results – and ultimately, qualified leads and sales to maximize your ROI.

Our Rates

Tsology Solution offers high-end services at competitive rates. Our business model and project collaboration setup allow us to keep our rates surprisingly affordable and cost-effective for the quality of service our customers receive – this is due to the lack of redundant and unnecessary overhead that our competitors have.

We staff projects in the most efficient way possible that allows budget sensitive projects access to senior expertise.

Additional Info

We have extensive experience designing software / web based solutions for specialized workplaces. Since 1985 we have delivered numerious solutions in a variety of sectors, including govertment, public sector, private sector, media houses, etc.

We pride ourselves in being a trusted and reliable technology partner to a very large spectrum of organisations. Testimony to this is the high percentage of repeat customers we have. 70% of our business is from repeat customers.
When a business-critical incident occurs or your team needs effective support they can count on, we are there to extend our support through phone / email / teamviewer support for business-critical issues.

Our Skills

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