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Tsology Solution Cloud Service Providers offer Powered hybrid, private, and public cloud solutions with stronger service-level agreements (SLAs), better customer service, and proven expertise. Configurations range from on-premises, managed cloud to off-premises public cloud solutions. When you connect with trusted Cloud Service Providers, you combine what you do best with what they do best, giving you superior solutions and competitive advantage. Tsology Solution Cloud Service Providers deliver Tsology Solution Powered services to help you deploy IT-as-a-service solutions faster and gain the financial advantage of greater efficiency, control, and choice.


Top Rich hybrid cloud service provider

Leverage Existing Resources

Cloud4C's hybrid Cloud model is able to seamlessly bridge computing tasks between your internal Cloud and external Cloud computing providers

Unlimited Scalability

ICloud4C's hybrid Cloud model seamlessly bridges computing tasks between your internal Cloud and enterprise Cloud providers.


From on to off (and back) VMs and vAPPs can be moved easily using one of three, easy to use options available with our Hybrid Cloud hosting.


With the open, extensible architecture of Cloud4C Hybrid Cloud get greater flexibility along with support for industry standards, integration with third-party products


Upgrades e-commerce-oriented websites and applications to match trending aspect in an attempt to deliver the out-of-box services.

Plugin & Module Develop

hybrid cloud management provides built-in firewall and managed security services provisioning to ensure the security of your organization’s environment.

Highlights of Hybrid Cloud

  • Cloud4C Hybrid clouds are often viewed by enterprises as an ideal solution to fulfil compliance, avoid vendor lock-ins and to overcome data security and privacy issues.
  • Cloud4C Hybrid clouds are also seen as a strategic option when the private cloud environment cannot always provide the resources required by an application with unpredictable growth patterns.
  • With Cloud4C Hybrid Cloud Provider mix and match infrastructure components which allows your enterprise to create a cloud strategy around your unique needs instead of building around the components of a single platform.
  • Cloud4C Hybrid Cloud computing can serve your enterprise IT strategy by boosting performance, maintaining security, and enhancing reliability while reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Equinix is the only data center provider offering direct connection to both AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • We provide the data center industry's most advanced and broadly deployed cloud interconnection platform: Equinix Cloud Exchange.
  • Our data centers provide reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and/or high-bandwidth data traffic—up to 100Gbps of bandwidth and sub-millisecond
  • Equinix offers data center industry's broadest choice in cloud service providers, with many of them offering direct connections to their cloud infrastructure via Equinix Cloud Exchange™, Equinix Cross Connects or Ethernet services.

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