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Tsology Solution with its online provisioning and management elastic computing is among the few cloud computing service providers in India and in the world that can deliver the real power of the cloud at your fingertips. As far as cloud computing service providers go, we are uniquely positioned as the unchallenged front runners in the Indian Cloud Infrastructure Services space. We have the expertise, robustness of cloud infrastructures, managed services support and ability to offer you the entire IT infrastructure in the cloud.

Tsology Solution Offer offer a suite of powerful cloud-based services that help you create, implement and deliver digital media content.

Cloud Services We Provides :

Public Cloud–Tsology Solution Offer offer a suite of powerful cloud-based services that help you create, implement and deliver digital media content. These solutions are highly cost-effective, scalable and secure providing massive storage capacity and efficient delivery of a full range of video, audio or digital content on the cloud..
We, at Tsology Solution, offer professional and state-of-the-cloud Computing. Cloud Service give the virtual experience and provide new face of your business and services that you provide. A well Cloud Provider is the necessity to ensure perfect delivery of your services. Our trained and experienced Cloud experts provide service for global clients.

Hybrid-Cloud Service –Tsology Solution Cloud Service Providers offer Powered hybrid, private, and public cloud solutions with stronger service-level agreements (SLAs), better customer service, and proven expertise. Configurations range from on-premises, managed cloud to off-premises public cloud solutions. When you connect with trusted Cloud Service Providers, you combine what you do best with what they do best, giving you superior solutions and competitive advantage. Tsology Solution Cloud Service Providers deliver Tsology Solution Powered services to help you deploy IT-as-a-service solutions faster and gain the financial advantage of greater efficiency, control, and choice.
We provide the data center industry's most advanced and broadly deployed cloud interconnection platform: Equinix Cloud Exchange. Our data centers provide reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and/or high-bandwidth data traffic—up to 100Gbps of bandwidth and sub-millisecond latency.

AWS, Azure & VMware Cloud Hosting Service –AWS is an extremely powerful set of tools. Custom automation and DevOps methodologies transforms these tools into an enterprise-ready cloud. As your cloud co-managers, our team of experts will work alongside your team to maximize your cloud's potential. We will architect a custom solution and continually improve your cloud as AWS releases new advanced services.

DRaaS – Disaster Recovery As A Service –With traditional disaster recovery solutions, businesses have to figure out what their budget can support and make tough decisions about which applications will not be covered. This process has been simplified thanks to the virtualization of IT resources and the advent of disaster recovery offerings via private and public clouds. Disaster recovery solutions are now both easy to manage and affordable, allowing for increased disaster recovery protection for all applications.
Virtual Replication enables cloud service providers to offer a robust, cost-effective system of DRaaS. It is the first BC/DR platform built with the cloud in mind.effective DR is possible within the private cloud, to the public cloud and in the public cloud.

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