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Server , Storage & Backup Management

Tsology Solution Managed Server Hosting - storage and backup services are designed to provide managed storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to help increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction. Flexible backup and restoration services, expert technical assistance and managed storage capacity can help address the rapidly growing data volumes associated with your on demand business.

  • Offer on demand access to scalable storage capacity, helping you accommodate and plan for growth
  • Support next-generation storage-intensive applications and expansion with scalable tape library options
  • Provide offsite storage to facilitate disaster recovery
  • Offer a security-rich storage environment to assure the integrity of business-critical data
  • Provide access to specialised technical skills

What We Offer to Our Clients

Network Attached Storage

Centralized storage: Enables file sharing and storage consolidation using iSCSI & Fibre Channel technology.

Storage Area Network

Our experienced and certified consultants to help Uncomplicated and versatile virtualized iSCSI storage that easily grows with your business

Direct-Attached Storage

help you cost-effectively address the challenges of data growth with versatile solutions that are optimized for smaller-scale storage consolidation, high business continuity.

Storage Software services

Providing cost-effective Minimize risk and simplify data protection with a backup & recovery solution for virtual, physical and cloud ..

Backup and Recovery

Reliable backup for large amounts of data and long-term archiving and Software to meet backup recovery and continuous data protection needs

Software-defined Storage

Dynamic data center environments with multiple virtualized business-critical workloads and creating a software-defined strategy.

Online database backup

When you have mission-critical data and cannot tolerate the downtime associated with offline backup and restoration services, the online hot database backup.

Offsite data storage

You can increase the level of data protection provided by our standard backup and restore service by adding offsite data storage. Duplicate copies of your backup tapes are automatically,

Storage assistance

Effective backup and restoration strategies are crucial to maintaining the availability of Web-based business processes. Storage assistance offers on-call consulting support .

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